Mama Of Many Provides An Array Of Services To Help Assist Every Parent's Need.

Mama of Many is an organization dedicated to the needs and lives of families of all backgrounds. We specialize in providing parents with the nurturing skills and child development education necessary to develop their children…

Nanny Service

In-Home Nanny Service, Love, Structure…Peace of Mind.

Postpartum Doula

Emotional, Physical, Evidence-Based informational Support.

Virtual Classes

For Parents, Children & families to enhance and aid during life events.


Nursing, Feeding With Love.

All Are Welcome

All Are Loved.

Baby Wearing

Keeping Your Bundle Of Love Close.

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M.O.M.'S Essentials

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Brittany R. M.O.M. Talk

Sochia is definitely a Mama Of Many! I’m a grown woman but Sochia has helped me face issues that I’ve secretly “dealt” with for years. She has helped me to become fearless in God. She has taught me how to walk in faith and stay grounded.

Aleisha M.O.M. Talk

Review TextMama of Many is truly a God send. I never realized the deficits I was operating in until they were brought to my attention by Sochia . I was physically and financially available to my children, but spiritually and emotionally detached. I was raising my...

FiFi S. Nanny Services

Sochia is truly a god sent angel. My daughter bonded with her immediately bc of her nurturing and loving spirit. Sochia would also clean our home and it was SPOTLESS. She truly ANOINTED in her gift. She also gave me lots of advice to make me the...

Faith Tarpeh Postpartum Doula

She is just the bomb. The Lord gave me the desire of my heart by sending her to help me after giving birth to my fourth child. It was an overwhelming time for me because I was recovering from a csection while trying to handle the baby by myself. My husband had to care for our other...

Ethel Hosendorf Nanny

What can I say about the primier doula, nanny, caregiver in the DMV? Everything is AWESOME! She is beyond professional, courteous, and kind. She provides skillful services, and resources to meet the needs of each child she serves. When I contract...

Alysha Scott Designation

So I’ll be 30 in a few months and some of my happiest childhood moments I spent with Sochia. I’d anxiously get home from school and pack my bags, select two chosen barbies because this was as much a treat to them as it was to me. I could...