She is just the bomb. The Lord gave me the desire of my heart by sending her to help me after giving birth to my fourth child. It was an overwhelming time for me because I was recovering from a csection while trying to handle the baby by myself. My husband had to care for our other 3 children. Long story short, she sowed 20 free postpartum doula hours into my life and all I can say is, I DID NOT WANT HER TO LEAVE lol. She helped me care for the baby overnight, helped with caring for the older kids so I could spend time with my husband and baby, helped clean, and just helped with anything that made my life easier. I truly believe she was sent by God to help me…. like her footsteps were ordered by God to get to me because I desperately needed help. I knew I could trust her in our home with our children. I never felt like an inconvenience and knew that she was honored to just serve a family. She is a blessing from God and I’m not exaggerating.
Faith Tarpeh
Postpartum Doula
What can I say about the primier doula, nanny, caregiver in the DMV? Everything is AWESOME! She is beyond professional, courteous, and kind. She provides skillful services, and resources to meet the needs of each child she serves. When I contract with Sochia I do not think or worry about anything, because I know my children are completely covered as if I was there. Having 4 children it is increasingly challenging to find safe and reliable child care. However using Sochia over the years has brought such peace of mind and relief to my family. She is truly apart of our lives and so grateful to know her and be apart of her professional journey. Make no mistake if you book her you will want her to stay with you FOREVER. Thank you Sochia & mamaofmany for all your support and love for our final4. Hearts & thanks w love, #teamhosendorf💗
Ethel Hosendorf
Nanny Services
Sochia is truly a god sent angel. My daughter bonded with her immediately bc of her nurturing and loving spirit. Sochia would also clean our home and it was SPOTLESS. She truly ANOINTED in her gift. She also gave me lots of advice to make me the mother I am today. We were so blessed to work with her! You will be very pleased.,,.o yea….she was always on time! H
FiFi Stevens
Nanny Services
Mama of Many is truly a God send. I never realized the deficits I was operating in until they were brought to my attention by Sochia . I was physically and financially available to my children, but spiritually and emotionally detached. I was raising my kids as if they were already equipped with the tools to succeed in life, by doing the bare minimum, just to claim them on my taxes every year. I was mimicking every behavior of how I was raised. I was failing miserably at being a nurturer. I wasn’t pulling on my innate ability to care for my children. Instead I was worried about the wrong things and running the streets because metaphorically I was running from my issues. The issues that were so deep rooted that I didn’t want to talk about them. Instead I internalized all of the hurt , feelings of inadequacy, abandonment and anger I used to carry with me daily. Thank God for Grace and Sochia! I now have a different outlook on life and motherhood. Through prayer and her sensitivity to the voice of God, she has helped me discover a place of redemption, and reconciliation. She has ‘mommed me’ to no longer take these precious gifts from God for granted and maximize my time on assignment with them as their mother. I now hold them a little longer, hug them tighter, and say I Iove you more because I appreciate the opportunity to be able to do it . I am now much more confident in my parenting skills, and no longer play the role of big sister to my children. I know that we’re going to be ok because everyday I have breath in my body I have an opportunity to right any wrongs and use life’s experiences as teachable moments. Despite missing the mark yesterday, my affirmation for today will be Today I’ll be better, Today I’m wiser, and I have learned to change my perspective concerning life and its obstacles. I Could go on and on about Sochia’s and Mama of Many’s impact on my life…. it would be a book. My heart is full and I would be remiss if didn’t say thank you one thousand times over to the call on Sochia’s life and her diligence in sowing an abundance of time, wisdom, love and patience to me and my children!
M.O.M. Talk
Sochia is definitely a Mama Of Many! I’m a grown woman but Sochia has helped me face issues that I’ve secretly “dealt” with for years. She has helped me to become fearless in God. She has taught me how to walk in faith and stay grounded. She’s a jewel, she genuinely cares and she’s worth the investment. You won’t regret it! I promise you won’t! The motherly push she gives is everything you didn’t even know you’d need in a Life Coach.
Brittany R.
M.O.M. Talk
So I’ll be 30 in a few months and some of my happiest childhood moments I spent with Sochia. I’d anxiously get home from school and pack my bags, select two chosen barbies because this was as much a treat to them as it was to me. I could hardly contain myself as I waited for church to end so I could transfer all my bags to Sochia’s car and be on my way. The evening would be spent with us watching classic preteen movies until I couldn’t stay awake any longer. My barbies loved Sochia’s home because this was where the only salon in town was located (no seriously it was a barbie salon that I thought was the coolest thing ever at 11) They received top salon treatment and I indulged in yet another Mary-Kate and Ashley film. Saturday I slept in and awoke to homemade brunch before starting my day of adventure. Sochia has a way of bringing the simplest activities to full out excitement in a child’s life. Before Sunday morning could fully arrive I would dread my departure and “secretly” plot my next return. And that’s just one weekend...Sochia grew to be an amazing confidant as I hit puberty. I looked to her as a big sister and she was there through some of life’s most challenging teenage experiences. I’m thankful to have had Sochia all to my self during all those years, she is truly amazing at what she does. Her passion rings strong, and her caring heart keeps the pace of that bell.
Alysha Scott